This section has the menus of what was prepared for my family in 2022 (with a few changes).
I am also including some recipes, tips and a quick review of cookbooks that I tried.
When I can find it, I will let you know where I found the recipes for these menus.
For the recipes labeled "web" I printed them off in 2020 or 2021 and did not get the recipe source.
I did list the recipe name as it was listed on the recipe.
For these, you will just have to do a web search. I am sorry about that.

I have included the menus of what we actually ate. For recipes that were complete flops, I listed a lunch instead.
For some of the meals, we had had loads of vegetables or protien earlier in the day.
For those, I added some vegetables or protien to the listing.

All of the calendars start in the first square. This is to make it so that all of the days will fit on the calendar without wrap around.
You can label the days of the week however you want.

To download the menus, click on them.

December Menu - Recipes - Hints/tips
December Menu
This month, I made Turkey Rice Soup - I cook up multiple turkeys each year. Most are not served as a Turkey dinner.
When you cook up a large chunk of meat (like a turkey, large chicken, roast, etc...) it is good to cut it up, portion it out, and freeze it.
If the chunk of meat has a bone, you can make an easy bone broth. Place the bone(s) in a pan, cover with water, bring to a boil, reduce heat to a simmer and let it go as long as you would like.
I try not to let this go over 36 hours. If it goes over a few hours, keep checking it and, if the water level gets low, add (boiling) water to it. You want to make sure that the bones are kept submerged the whole time.
If, after it is done, you think it is too weak, you can add the bones back in and simmer it longer OR boil it down to concentrate the flavors.

November Menu - Recipes - Hints/tips
November Menu

October Menu - Recipes - Hints/tips
October Menu

September Menu - Recipes - Hints/tips
September Menu

August Menu - Recipes - Hints/tips
August Menu

July Menu - Recipes - Hints/tips
July Menu

June Menu - Recipes - Hints/tips
June Menu
Roast Sequence - Cook up a roast or other large section of meat.
Pull part of it for pulled meat tocos, use some in a casserole, more in a soup, the rest added to salad.
Just remember to cut off what you want for other recipes BEFORE you let your family at it.

May Menu - Recipes - Hints/tips
May Menu

April Menu - Recipes - Hints/tips
April Menu

March Menu - Recipes - Hints/tips
March Menu
This month, I listed Lasagna - When we make pasta sauce, we do a LARGE batch of it. Some gets frozen for futer pasta meals (listed as pasta w/C's Sauce).
Some of the sauce goes into making Lasagnas for the freezer. I get the foil pans from the store that are similar in size to the "party" size frozen meals.
Use the directions from one of those to know how to cook up your own freezer meals.
IMPORTANT - Label your freezer meals!
What it is and when you made it.
You want to use the oldest ones first!

February Menu - Recipes - Hints/tips
February Menu

January Menu - Recipes - Hints/tips
January Menu
I start off the year with meatballs. You can use whatever recipe you like (or even premade and frozen ones).
I like to make my own.
Doing up more than 3 pounds of meat at a time is a strain on the body and (unless you have HUGE bowls) they might not get fully mixed.
Making them about the size of a ping pong ball, you can fit 16 into a quart size freezer bag.
I bake them instead of frying them to save time and cleanup.

Calendar Pages I used are from the bonus pages of the planners at this link.

Cookbooks Refered to in the Menus

Washington Local and Seasonal Cook Book

Date with a Dish

The Settlement Cook Book 1903

Other Available Cookbooks