Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast                                  $24.95

This extensive plant identification book focuses on the Pacific Northwest Coast. The maps only show this much.  Many of the plants, however, are found all over the northwest!  For a class that focused on the High Deserts of Oregon, this book was one of the main field resource books we used!
Reptiles of the Northwest                                                    $22.95

If you are interested in snakes, turtles, lizards, and their kin; this is the book for you!  This book helps you identify most of the species in the Northwest - Northern California up through Alaska!
Wild berries of Washington and Oregon                           $21.95

This book lets you identify the berries available in the wild areas of Oregon and Washington. Also to be found in this book are hints on identifying ripeness, comments on taste and ideas for preparation!
Wildflowers of Washington                                               $18.95

With this book in hand, you can go all over Washington (and some places in Oregon) and be able to identify all of the native flowering plants and some of the non-natives as well.